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Letters to a Prisoner

Letters to a Prisoner (Owlkids 2017) is a wordless children’s book inspired by the Write for Rights campaign– created by Montreal author Jacques Goldstyn. The book illustrates the power of hope and the written word.

Letters to a Prisoner provides a fun and engaging way for young people (ages 6 and up) to participate in Write for Rights.

To accompany the content of the book, Amnesty Canada has created Letters to a Prisoner: A Social Justice Toolkit for Communities & SchoolsThis educational toolkit includes discussion questions and activities that you can initiate in your group setting in sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

By getting to know the individuals in the book and the case study, young people grow to understand that they are part of a massive global movement of people. They – and you – can bring about a real change in the lives of others.