Show your support for LGBTI rights in Uganda

Jackie Hansen, Major Campaigns and Women’s Rights Campaigner

Now is the time to make some noise and take action in support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex community in Uganda!

The fate of a Bill which would further criminalize Uganda’s LGBTI community is in the hands of Uganda President Musevini. The text of the Bill has not been made public but it is expected to include harsh penalties for anyone engaging in same-sex sexual activity and significantly hamper the work of human rights defenders and public health professionals.

The President can sign, veto, or return the Bill to Parliament with suggested amendments. He has 30 days to make a decision… and the 30 day countdown started on January 23rd.

Uganda’s LGBTI community needs you to call on President Musevini to veto the Bill and protect the human rights of all Ugandans!

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SHOW YOUR SOLIDARITY with Uganda’s LGBTI community

This note sent to Amnesty International in January 2014 by a Ugandan LGBTI activist shows just how much our solidarity means to activists in Uganda.

“The solidarity cards were amazing. I cried for a while when I received them. When I suggested the solidarity cards for the lgbt community, I didn’t know the impact they would have.

Its just really amazing to read personal messages of support from strangers who have never met you nor might never meet you telling you they understand your struggle, telling you that victory will come some day, that your work is not in vain..
We don’t always get that kind of support from friends and family.
This is a much needed show of solidarity to the Kuchu community in Uganda who now more than ever feel betrayed by leaders that are supposed to make laws to protect them.

Public statements have great impact, but personal messages provide us as individuals with strength to keep you going . The timing couldn’t have been better. Thank you. Really, thank you.”