Canada stop incarcerating immigration detainees #WelcomeToCanada

Using jails or prisons for immigration detention is a violation of international human rights standards. We are urging the federal government to stop this practice and cancel any plans of codifying it in legislation.

Since the launch of the #WelcomeToCanada campaign in 2021, every single province has committed to ending its immigration detention agreements or arrangements with the Canada Border Services Agency, which allowed people to be incarcerated in jails based solely on administrative (non-criminal) immigration grounds.  

Immigration detention has already ended in provincial jails in Nova Scotia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and New Brunswick. By March 31, 2025, immigration detention will no longer take place in any provincial jails!

People across the country have helped to make these human rights victories possible through their tireless advocacy. But the fight is not over yet!  

Please join us in calling on Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister LeBlanc, and Minister Miller to permanently end the use of jails and prisons for immigration detention, and to ultimately end immigration detention in Canada.