Where is the Ombudsperson?

In January 2018, the Government of Canada announced the creation of the Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise, the first of its kind in the world.

We are deeply concerned however that, 10 months after the announcement, the ombudsperson is still not in place. Communities around the world who are looking to Canada for a credible process to protect their rights continue to wait. 

There is an urgent need to turn promises into action. 

It is time for all of us to call on the Government of Canada to urgently implement its commitments by naming an independent ombudsperson with the mandate and tools to conduct independent investigations.

We need your help! Please phone, hand-deliver a letter, or meet in person with your Member of Parliament (MP). Next week (November 12 – 16) is an ideal time to do so, because MPs will be in their home ridings.

We strongly encourage you to contact your MP about this important issue. It is particularly important to do so if you live in one of the following key ridings:

Kings-Hants (NS) – Minister Brison

Winnipeg South Centre (MB) – Minister Carr

Saint-Maurice-Champlain (QC) – Minister Champagne

University-Rosedale (ON) – Minister Freeland

Ottawa Centre (ON) – Minister McKenna

Toronto Centre (ON) – Minister Morneau

Edmonton Mill Woods (AB) – Minister Sohi

York Centre (ON) – MP Levitt

Scarborough-Guildwood (ON) – MP McKay

Ottawa West/Nepean (ON) – MP Vandenbeld

Please use the following talking points when writing to, phoning or meeting your MP:

  • Where is the ombudsperson?  It’s been 10 months since the ombudsperson announcement. When will we have an effective ombudsperson to conduct independent investigations for communities affected by Canadian mining projects?
  • An effective ombudsperson:
    • Is independent;
    • Has the tools to independently investigate, including the power to compel documents and compel witnesses;
    • Reports publicly on its findings and recommendations.
  • Will you, my MP, take a stand by doing one or both of the following?
    • Publicly support the immediate establishment of an effective ombudsperson with the power to investigate;
    • Raise this with Minister Carr and call on him to immediately name an ombudsperson and make sure the ombudsperson has the necessary powers.

Social media postings that tag politicians have significant impact too. If you use social media, please take a photo of your MP meeting/phone call, or a photo of you delivering your letter to your MP’s office, and share the photo using the hashtags #open4justice #WhereistheOmbuds? To catch the attention of key decision makers, please tag Minister Carr (@jimcarr_wpg), Prime Minister Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau), Minister Freeland (@cafreeland), Minister Sohi (@sohiamarjeet), Minister McKenna (@ec_minister), Minister Brison (@scottbrison), Minister Champagne (@FP_Champagne) and your Member of Parliament.

You can find your MP’s name, email address and phone number at www.ourcommons.ca/en/contact-us.

Thanks for taking action!


ps For a deeper understanding of what the Ombudsperson is all about, view our Ombudsperson fact sheet.