Write #4rights is almost here!

Write for Rights is quickly coming up on December 10th! It’s the world’s largest Human Rights Day event, and last year, Amnesty members around the globe took over 1 MILLION actions for Human Rights.

If you haven’t already, SIGN UP! You’ll be part of a global movement that has a real Human Rights impact.

And you can show your passion for Human Rights by wearing yellow! And especially for winter, you can buy your very own yellow Amnesty toque, on a limited time offer of only $20 incl. S&H. Grab yours here.

SPREAD THE WORD! Following Amnesty International Canada on Facebook and Twitter, and Like, Share, and Retweet Write for Rights-related posts as you see them. If you’re on Twitter, use the Hashtag #4rights.You can directly help more people get involved, and the more people who get involved means a louder voice for real Human Rights change. 

And if you’ve already registered, check out the cases and choose which ones you want to write for. 

With your involvement, Human Rights violators will know that they can’t get away with their actions. They’ll know that ordinary people are watching and will hold them accountable. You can change lives!