The Government Wants to Hear from Us!

The Canadian government is launching dozens of consultations over the coming months. Among these are election promises and issues with significant human rights dimensions. Now is the time for Amnesty International supporters to make their voices heard. 


NATIONAL SECURITY: Amnesty will pay particular attention to the much anticipated review of national security legislation. During and after last year’s election, the government promised “to repeal problematic elements of Bill C-51” and undertake consultations before proposing amendments. This consultation will include both MP-hosted meetings and an online component.  Amnesty members interested in participating should contact Hilary Homes ( for a copy of our brief outlining concerns with the current legislation. You can also sign and share our current online action

MISSING AND MURDERED INDIGENOUS WOMEN AND GIRLS: Amnesty will be closely watching the national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls launched this fall. During the inquiry, send a message that you are standing in solidarity by signing and sharing our online action

IMMIGRATION DETENTION: In mid-August, Minister Goodale also announced consultations “to expand the range of available alternatives to detention and reduce the number of minors in detention”, something that Amnesty has called for numerous times in the past. The details of this consultation aren’t available yet, but you can sign and share our existing online action on the detention of children. 

ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT: The federal environmental assessment processes – a subject of criticism by Indigenous and environmental groups – will also be reviewed in the coming months. This review could have significant impact on decisions about pipelines, resource extraction projects and the human rights of Indigenous Peoples. Stay tuned for details after the launch of our “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” report on November 3rd. 

ARMS TRADE TREATY: Much anticipated legislation to enable Canada to finally join the Arms Trade Treaty is expected this fall. While we await the details, you are encouraged to sign and share our online action on the Canada-Saudi LAV deal. 

HUMAN RIGHTS AGENDA: We are planning to again issue our annual Human Rights Agenda for Canada at the end of December. Stay tuned for details and plan to meet with your Member of Parliament (MP) in January!