Youth Resources


Young people are a leading force for change in our communities, from calling out climate injustice to calling for women’s rights, from tackling homelessness to exposing police brutality. Amnesty International has chosen to focus all of this year’s Write for Rights cases on young people under the age of 25 leading the way for human rights. 

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We have created special resources for you to use with the young people in your life, whether at home or in a classroom setting.


Write for Rights with the young people in your life using our specially designed cases for people ages 9 & up. 


From Guerilla Girls to Ai Weiwei, art can be a powerful medium to change the world. If you’re a creative young artist (amateur, aspiring, or professional) with a passion for human rights, than this challenge is for you! Create and submit a piece of your original artwork inspired by one of this year’s 10 Write for Rights cases in any medium to Amnesty’s Artivism Contest. 

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Write for Rights in your classroom using our Educators’ Guide and, for younger audiences, our Letters to a Prisoner toolkit. 

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Letters to a Prisoner

Letters to a Prisoner (Owlkids 2017) is a wordless children’s book inspired by the Write for Rights campaign– created by Montreal author Jacques Goldstyn. The book illustrates the power of hope and the written word.

Letters to a Prisoner provides a fun and engaging way for young people (ages 6 and up) to participate in Write for Rights.

To accompany the content of the book, Amnesty Canada has created Letters to a Prisoner: A Social Justice Toolkit for Communities & SchoolsThis educational toolkit includes discussion questions and activities that you can initiate in your group setting in sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

By getting to know the individuals in the book and the case study, young people grow to understand that they are part of a massive global movement of people. They – and you – can bring about a real change in the lives of others.