Tips for Organizing your BEST Write for Rights Event!

So you’ve signed up to host a Write for Rights event. THANK YOU! Your time and enthusiasm means more people are taking action for human rights on December 10! (Haven’t signed up yet? You can still sign up HERE!)

We’ve put together a few tips to help you make the most of your event, whether it’s just a few people in your own home or a virtual writing group!

1. Spread the Word!


If you were selling tickets for your Write for Rights event, how would you publicize in advance? Those strategies will work for building up your presence on the day. Feature a Write for Rights case a day on your blogs or Facebook page. Learn how you can spread the word and mobilize on social media using our social media shareables. You can also try some of these suggestions:

2. Create a Facebook Event


Facebook is great for spreading news about an event – BUT FIRST, that event needs to exist in this platform. It’s simple to create a Facebook event, and have all the details of the event available. You can use this to invite friends and family, and encourage them to invite others as well. Plus, during the event and afterwards, people can share their photos easily on the event page!

3. Reach out to Local Media


Contacting your local paper or television station to share about your event is easy with our Write for Rights Media Guide! Working with your local media is a great way to increase the impact of your event by telling your community about the human rights cases you care about and spurring others to take action. This guide will offer you some quick tips and materials to help you get the attention of your local media!

4. Brand Your Online Event Space


Creating a Facebook event (tip # 2) is super helpful in spreading the word to your community but gathering online can sometimes prove difficult in terms of creativity. Try these ideas to brand your online space.

  • If you have Amnesty t-shirts, be sure to wear them on camera!
  • Use our Spotify playlist featuring top songs from all the case countries during your letter-writing to avoid awkward silence.
  • Take screenshots of your event to post on social media and be sure to tag #W4R21.
  • Set your online video conference background to one of our Write for Rights downloadable background images, when your camera is on it should look something like this:

5. Make it Easy!


Have addressed envelopes ready, you can even use our printable address labels. Ensure participants have access to plenty of Amnesty pens and print-outs of the cases or links ready to go so people can read about who they are supporting. Have letter-writing tips and sample letters available. You can find these materials and more here.

Walk participants through Write for Rights by creating a presentation for them using this template.

6. Show Your Solidarity!


Consider creating a space where participants can show their solidarity with human rights defenders.

  • Create a virtual counter for your participants to tally how many letters they’ve written and upload it to social media.
  • Set up a virtual solidarity photoshoot by screenshotting images of folks holding up solidarity messages. Ensure writing is legible, large and bold to be seen on webcams and use captions to indicate who the message is for when uploading to social media.
  • Kids can also participate by creating solidarity art. They can create cards or drawings to send directly to people we’re supporting on Human Rights Day.

7. Enhance Your Screenshots


Photos are essential because they show the power of people taking action for change together. Also, it shows your community how they can get involved. Here are some tips for taking and sharing photos in a virtual environment:

  • Be sure to get their names, and always ask permission to screenshot images of any individual of group when you are capturing their faces.
  • Suggest folks pose purposefully. Try holding up letters or case materials while still keeping your faces visible to showcase to an audience what it is you are participating in. Using branded items (tip # 4) will help to brighten and contextualize your screenshots as you capture moments from your online events.
  • Share your best photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter – always tag your photos with #Write4Rights and #W4R21

10. Connect with other events around Canada and the world!


No matter what time your event is at post a message to Twitter, Instagram, or the Facebook Event page. Amnesty activists are taking part during every hour of the day through every time zone around the globe. We’ll be retweeting and sharing your posts to capture the wave of activity as events happen across the world. Be sure to use the hashtags #Write4Rights and #W4R21.

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