Youth and Student Program

Young people have always been on the frontlines of Amnesty International’s work. Their voices have made it possible to achieve some pretty impressive feats in the campaign for human rights. That’s why it’s so important to continue to include youth in our vision of a world in which everyone can enjoy human rights and have their dignity affirmed. Far from being bystanders or victims, young people can be – and are – agents of change.

The Youth & Student Program aims to create an environment in which young people are protected, inspired, and empowered. We do so by encouraging young Canadians, in all their diversity, to be active participants in the defense of human rights values throughout their local and global communities.

Amnesty International Canada celebrates the passion and commitment that young activists bring. Youth-led movements have demonstrated that young people are excellent campaigners, organizers, and leaders. Our Youth & Student Program allows us to offer the tools, resources, and support needed to be involved in a meaningful way.