Join us for Write for Rights! 

Write for Rights 2020 will officially launch on October 15th.

Registration is open, but stay tuned for information about our 2020 cases and resources to get you started.

Every year around International Human Rights Day on December 10th, hundreds of thousands of people around the world send a letter or an e-mail on behalf of someone they’ve never met. 

Join us for Write for Rights.


We believe that words are powerful. That’s why we run Write for Rights every year. We spoke with some writers and storytellers in Toronto about the biggest annual human rights event in the world.  We can’t wait for you to join us. #W4R19

Featuring Najwa Zebian, Anasimone George, Frizz Kid, Farzana Doctor, Sahar Jafrani and more! Videography by Jenny Jay of the Double Jay Collective | Produced by Ashna Ali