5 ways you can Write for Rights on Human Rights Day!

Amnesty International is inviting you to help change lives on or around December 10, International Human Rights Day, with the world’s biggest grassroots event for human rights: Write for Rights!

Last year, we took 4,496,875 actions. Our letters changed lives.

Here are some ways YOU can get involved:

1. Start with the simple stuff!

Sign up at writeathon.ca! From here you can take action online, watch videos about cases, download materials for letter writing, and stay in the loop on cases to be featured on December 10th.

You can sign up for write on your own, join an event or create your own event!

2. Amplify your reach and engagement on social media!

We’ve created shareable graphics for each Write for Rights case that you can use to spread the word on social media. Be sure to tag #W4R21 and #Write4Rights in your posts!

3. Tell people about Write for Rights

Spread the word! Tell your community, friends and family that you’re getting ready to write letters on International Human Rights Day – December 10. Share a selfie on social media letting people know that you Write for Rights and encourage others to join you. Check out other ways you can mobilize on social media here.

4. Gather your people.

Whether it’s online or in the safety of your bubble, grab some paper, pick up some pens, and write a letter to change a life. Invite your family, friends, colleagues to sign up and participate with you. If you are in school, bring in your teachers and classmates – maybe ask other homerooms or grades if they’re interested too! Check out some tips for organizing a great Write for Rights event including key tips for making virtual writing events engaging! You can also join an event already being planned – find one here.

5. Get Drawing!

Are you more into visual art than writing? Let your creativity fly and speak directly to those we are supporting by creating solidarity drawings. The languages and countries in our Write for Rights campaign vary, but your picture says 1000 words and more, in any language. Share your pictures with us online using #Write4Rights and #W4R21.

We look forward to seeing what you can do! Share your work, events and ideas with us @AmnestyNow on Twitter and @AmnestyCanada on Instagram & Facebook with the hashtags #Write4Rights and #W4R21