Crisis and Tactical round-up Fall 2020: Crackdown on Protests in Belarus and more

NEW: Protect Peaceful Protest in Belarus

Hundreds of thousands of Belarusian people have taken to the streets across the country to protest electoral violations, police brutality and severe reprisals against peaceful dissent; demanding truth, justice and accountability for the perpetrators.

During the first three days of post-electoral protests – August 9-12 – authorities responded with widespread arrests, harassment and intimidation, using rubber bullets, stunt grenades, tear gas and water cannons against protesters. Over 6,700 people were detained. Hundreds reported torture and other ill-treatment in police stations and detention facilities. Some 50 journalists have also been detained.


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Watch the video and read the latest news:

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ONGOING: Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

Nearly one million Rohingya refugees are living in threadbare camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, after they fled their homes in Myanmar due to the military’s crimes against humanity – which are currently the subject of a case under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide at the International Court of Justice.

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the conditions of the Rohingya in the camps. Without continued support through international cooperation, assistance and sharing of responsibility for providing protection, the rights of the Rohingya refugees will almost certainly continue to be violated.

Our current action targets the governments with the most influence and engagement in this ongoing crisis: Canada, Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the USA.


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Explainer: Rohingya refugees face crowded camps, dangerous sea journeys and COVID-19

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ONGOING: Targeting of Uyghurs in China and abroad

One million Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other predominantly Muslim people are being arbitrarily detained in secret detention camps in China’s north-western Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (Xinjiang). The Chinese government appears to be trying to wipe out religious beliefs and aspects of cultural identity to enforce political loyalty.

This campaign has a global reach. Uyghurs living overseas – including in Canada – are being harassed and intimidated by Chinese authorities: intrusive surveillance, intimidating phone calls, and even death threats. Family members in China are targeted to suppress their activism abroad. They also fear that other governments will be pressured by China to repatriate Uyghurs who have left China.


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Write letters on the case of Uyghur model Merdan Ghappar who has not been seen or heard from since March 2020, after his messages and photos describing his poor detention conditions were shared on social media. Watch his video here.

Write letters on the case of Maiwulani Nuermaimaiti, an internet technician, was sentenced to nine years in prison for “separatist activities” in a secret trial in August 2017. His family members only found out about the sentencing in December 2019. No evidence against him or information about a trial has ever been made public, but his family members believe that he was charged merely for having visited Turkey to study Turkish between 2012 and 2014. There are grave concerns for Maiwulani Nuermaimaiti’s wellbeing.


Nowhere feels safe: Uyghurs tell of China-led intimidation campaign


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