Refugees Are Part of Our Communities

The Safe Third Country Agreement will be back in court on February 23rd, 2021. 

The Federal Court has ruled that the agreement between the United States and Canada is unconstitutional and violates rights, but now the federal government is appealing that decision. 

Refugee claimants who were returned by Canada to the United States and were detained as a result have shared their powerful testimonies in this case. They have shared their stories to raise awareness about the true impact of this unconstitutional agreement on people’s lives. 

We are gathering video reflections on these testimonies from people across the country. We will use these reflections to centre the powerful testimonies of refugee claimants and to let our elected officials know that our communities include refugees.

Learn more about our plans and sign-up for our virtual lobby week >>> 

Take action: 

1) Read the testimonies from refugee claimants who were returned by Canada to the United States >>> 

2) Reflect on what the testimonies mean to you and why refugee rights are important to you. 

3) Record your video below! You can read one of the testimonies directly or share your own thoughts about why refugees are part of our communities. 

To record your video:

  • Press “record from camera.” You can also choose to upload a pre-recorded video. 
  • The video tool will count down to make sure you’re camera ready! 
  • When you’re done, click anywhere on the video screen to stop the recording. 
  • You can review your video before you hit “Accept” to send us your video. 

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