Activism Roundtables – Coming to a Community Near You!

Join an Activism Roundtable in Your Community! 

This fall, Amnesty International will host a series of Activism Roundtables in communities across the country.

From Victoria to Toronto to St. John’s, Amnesty wants to connect with you. These roundtables will be an opportunity for Amnesty group members, activists, and supporters to gather and discuss upcoming campaigns and plans for engaging with human rights activism in your community. Roundtables are open to everyone, whether you are new to Amnesty or a lifelong supporter.

Activism Roundtables will be hosted in October. Specific dates and locations will be posted to the Events Calendar on our website at

Interested in hosting a Roundtable in your community?

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Join our Digital Activism Roundtable! 

Even if there is no Roundtable in your community, you can still engage with human rights activists from across the country by joining our Digital Activism Roundtable.

On Wednesday, November 15th at 7:00 pm EST, Amnesty activists and supporters can join a webinar to learn about our upcoming campaigns and priorities and discuss ways to promote human rights activism in your community. The webinar is open to everyone, whether you’re an experienced Amnesty activist or looking to get more involved.

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The webinar will be recorded for anyone unable to attend.