30 days for refugees – Day 2

To really make a difference to refugees, you need to understand the scale of the problem.

But behind each and every number, behind every image of crowds of people waiting in refugee camps – behind each of these is a person, like Ahmed.

He’d spent his life working in his 300-person capacity restaurant, which welcomed scores of tourist buses every day. He was well known where he lived, and much loved by tourists and locals alike.

But the war in Syria changed everything. Both his home and his restaurant were destroyed by bombs so he fled to another city with his family, including his two young children, Aya and Read. But even there they weren’t safe, so Ahmed made the difficult decision to leave his beloved country to seek safety in Jordan. .

Read outside his home in Toronto

To the outside world, once he crossed the border into another country, he became just one of the numbers above. But to us, and to you, Ahmed remains a well loved and hard-working man, and an adoring dad who would stop at nothing to protect his family.

Wouldn’t we all do the same in the same situation?

Please share Ahmed’s story today, to make sure that nobody becomes just a number.

Remember to share what actions you are taking for refugees by using the hashtags #IWelcome and #AmnestyCanada