Write for Rights: Help free Iranian women human rights defender Narges Mohammadi

Join Amnesty International supporters around the world on International Human Rights Day for our global campaign Write for Rights, and call on Iran to free women human rights defender Narges Mohammadi from prison.

Narges Mohammadi is a prominent human rights advocate in Iran campaigning for justice and gender equality, and against the death penalty. She has been targeted and imprisoned by Iranian authorities before for her peaceful activism and has spent the last decade in and out of prison. Narges has spent the last year in Iran’s notorious Evin prison, and has been sentenced to 16 years in prison following an unfair trial for trumped up national-security related charges.

Her only ‘crime’ is standing up for human rights–including the rights of women and girls–amidst Iran’s crackdown on women’s rights and those who advocate for women’s rights. Narges remains in prison because of peaceful human rights work. Iran needs to know that it is not acceptable to persecute peaceful activists. And Narges needs to know that the world is watching and advocating for her freedom.

Here are some ways you can let Narges know that she is not alone, and work to help secure her release from prison:

1. Take to social media to show your solidarity and #FreeNarges

Join Nobel Peace Prize laureates like Shirin Ebadi from Iran (above) and activists around the world who are building momentum on social media calling for Iranian authorities to #FreeNarges. Write #FreeNarges on your palm. Take a selfie of yourself with your palm facing the camera, and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to tag #FreeNarges in your post. We want Iranian authorities to see that the world is watching and calling for Narges to be released.

  • @khamenei_ir Narges Mohammadi is in Evin prison solely for her peaceful activism. #FreeNarges now
  • Defending #humanrights is not a crime. @khamenei_ir #FreeNarges now!
  • Call on Iran to free Iranian #womensrights defender Narges Mohammadi #FreeNarges #Write4Rights

2. Sign and Share our Online Action

Call on Iranian authorities to free women human rights defender Narges Mohammadi now >> TAKE ACTION NOW!

3. Want to do more?