Take Action to End Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians

After four years of research in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and building on decades of human rights advocacy in the region, Amnesty International launched a new report, Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians, on February 1st, 2022. The report sets out how massive seizures of Palestinian land and property, unlawful killings, forcible transfer, drastic movement restrictions, and the denial of nationality and citizenship to Palestinians are all components of a system which amounts to apartheid under international law.  

The government of Israel has an obligation under international law to dismantle this system of apartheid, and to repeal or amend all laws, regulations, policies, and practices that discriminate on racial, ethnic, or religious grounds to bring them into line with international human rights law and standards.  

Amnesty’s human rights concerns have always been directed at the policies, laws, and actions of the government of Israel, not the Jewish people. It is crucial not to conflate legitimate criticism of crimes under international law committed by the government of Israel with antisemitism. To do so is inaccurate and dangerous. We stand against antisemitism in the strongest possible terms.  

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Read the report now and visit the campaign page to learn more.  

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Amnesty has created a free 90-minute course called Deconstructing Israel’s Apartheid against Palestinians. To learn more about the crime of apartheid in international law, what apartheid looks like in Israel/OPT, and how it affects Palestinians’ lives, sign up to our course on Amnesty International’s human rights education academy. 

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Take action now by calling on Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to immediately cancel all orders for forced evictions and home demolitions against Palestinians in Israel/OPT and to end the forceddisplacement of Palestinians.

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Support Janna Jihad  

Janna Jihad is a 15-year-old Palestinian who lives in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Janna started documenting the government of Israel’s violations at the age of seven. As a result, the teen has attracted unwanted attention, including being harassed and threatened with death.  

Janna was featured in our 2021 Write for Rights campaign.  

You can still join hundreds of thousands of activists around the world taking action on Janna’s case: