Help Make Sure Canada is Open for Justice

The Canadian government is expected to announce the creation of an Ombudsperson for the Extractive Sector soon. This is exciting news – Amnesty International has long been advocating for an Ombudsperson to help people harmed by Canadian companies overseas. However, we have serious concerns that the government`s plan might be inadequate in crucial respects. In order to be effective, it is vital that the Ombudsperson be: 

  • Empowered to conduct independent investigations and make findings and recommendations
  • Independent from government and industry
  • Transparent and publicly report on its findings 
  • Adequately resourced with enough money to do its job properly
  • Oriented to protect human rights 

An Ombudsperson can make a difference to the lives of people who have been harmed by Canadian companies overseas – but it must meet these key criteria


WRITE A LETTER to the new International Trade Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne outlining the five essential critera. 

ON SOCIAL MEDIA tweet to Minister Champagne 

CONTACT YOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT to urge them to speak publicly in support of an ombudsperson. 

ORDER AN EXTRACTION! COMIC KIT as a tool for young activists to discuss the links between overseas mining, human rights, and coroporate accountability in Canada.