How YOU Can Write for Rights on December 10th!

Amnesty International is inviting you to help change lives on December 10, International Human Rights Day, with the world’s biggest grassroots event for human rights: Write for Rights

Last year we sent 5.9 million letters and messages for human rights from more than 200 countries. Here’s a list of 10 ways you can get involved:

1. Start with the simple stuff

Sign up at! From here you can take action online, watch videos about cases, download materials for letter writing, and stay in the loop on cases to be featured on December 10th.

2. Amplify your reach and engagement on social media!

We’ve created graphics for each Write for Rights case that you can use to spread the word on social media.

Visit our Social Media Graphics Library to see them all.

3. Tell people about Write for Rights

When people ask you ‘what’s up?’ be sure to tell them you’re getting ready to write letters on International Human Rights Day – December 10.

Share a selfie on social media letting people know that you Write for Rights and encourage others to join you.

Order your own “I Write for Rights” sticker in our online shop.

Find more ideas here. By using the hashtag #Write4Rights on your social media channels, you’ll also be connected to a global movement of human rights supporters that are writing letters all over the world.

4. Gather your people

Gather some paper, pick up some pens, and maybe pop some popcorn. If you’re at work during the day, make a brown bag lunch out of the event and invite your colleagues to join you. If you are in school, bring in your teachers and classmates – maybe ask other homerooms or grades if they’re interested too! If you’d rather get social in the evening, invite some folks over for some conversation, music, food and letter-writing.
Check out some tips for organizing a great Write for Rights event, big or small!

5. Attend or volunteer at a local event

Find a local Write for Rights event in your community and invite a few friends to join you! Local event organizers may be looking for volunteers to help out with promotion, food or support on the day – so get in touch with them if you have some spare time to help.

6. Start your own event!

Partner up with your favourite local vendor, library, coffee shop, or company and invite members of your community to join in during Write for Rights. Put up posters in advance of the event, advertise in your community newspaper, and spread the word with your networks.
Sign-up to host an event now and find everything you need on the resources page. 

7. Get Virtual

Don’t have time to organize a get-together? Create a Facebook Event and invite your friends to attend online, or join the conversation on Twitter using #Write4Rights and #W4R2019.

8. Get drawing

Are you more about art than writing? Let your creativity fly and write directly to those we are supporting. The languages and countries in our Write for Rights campaign vary, but your picture says 1000 words and more, in any language. Share your pictures with us online with the hashtags #Write4Rights and #W4R2019 so we can share it.

Show your solidarity with Grassy Narrows by channelling your creativity into a solidarity walleye. 

9. Blog all about it

Have a blog? We have great cases for you to share. Whether you want to call for justice for the youth of Grassy Narrows, discuss the climate activism of Marinel Sumook Ubaldo, help free Yasaman Aryani or speak out for Yiliyasijiang Reheman and other Uyghurs who are being held in secret internment camps in China – you’ll find stories that matter. By sharing them with your reading audience you are helping to better those lives.

10. Do what you do best

As cartoonist Zunar says: “People normally ask, ‘what can they contribute?’ Everybody can play their part. What they need to do is what they know best: I am a cartoonist, I draw a cartoon.” Ask yourself, “What can I do best?

We look forward to seeing what you can do! Share your work, events and ideas with us @Amnestynow on Twitter and AmnestyCanada on Facebook with the hashtags #Write4Rights