Letters to a Prisoner

Letters to a Prisoner (Owlkids 2017) is a wordless children’s book inspired by the Write for Rights campaign – created by Montreal author Jacques Goldstyn. The book illustrates the power of hope and the written word. The Youth and Activism Team has been actively collaborating in partnership with Owlkids Books to make this book available to the Amnesty Canada community.

Letters to a Prisoner will provide a fun and engaging way for young people (ages 6 and up) to participate with and promote human rights and the Write for Rights campaign. 

To accompany the content of the book, Amnesty Canada has created Letters to a Prisoner: A Social Justice Toolkit for Communities & Schools. This educational toolkit includes discussion questions and activities that you can initiate in your group setting in sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. It also includes resources framed around a case featured in the 2017 Write for Rights campaign.

By getting to know the individuals in the book and the case study, youth will grow to understand that they are part of a massive global movement of people, They – and you – can bring about a real change in the lives of others. 

What you need to know to get involved!

The book and the materials are free of cost, but we would  like to know:

  • Can you share with us how you plan to use the materials with your group to raise awareness of human rights?
  • How will you use the materials to  engage young people and connect them to the Write for Rights campaign this December?

Next Steps

Fill out our Expression of Interest form and tell us about your ideas and plans.

Download our educational toolkit – Letters to a Prisoner: A Social Justice Toolkit for Communities & Schools >>

Letters to a Prisoner: A Social Justice Toolkit for Communities & Schools

Consider registering an official letter-writing event and joining us on December 10th – International Human Rights Day! You can register on the 2017 Write for Rights Campaign website. Since this might be your first time running an event with Amnesty, take a peek at our FAQ page to learn more and see how we can best support you.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please email the Youth and Activism Team: youth@amnesty.ca