Manitoba becomes 4th province to say it will end immigration detention

Manitoba will end immigration detention in its provincial jails, joining British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Alberta. The four provinces have committed to stop locking up refugee claimants and migrants based solely on administrative immigration grounds. These are incredible human rights victories!

When the decisions take effect, the worst conditions of immigration detention will have ended in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Alberta, and Manitoba. It is time to end the use of provincial jails for immigration detention across the country. Join Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch in calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to give people seeking safety or a better life the #WelcomeToCanada they deserve, by ending this harmful practice:


To learn more about Canada’s immigration detention system, the harms it causes, and the rights violations that take place within it, we invite you to read “I Didn’t Feel Like a Human in There”: Immigration Detention in Canada and its Impact on Mental Health.