Writing for Rights in Memory of Bob Mertens

In the South Shore of Nova Scotia, people gathered virtually this December 10th to write letters in memory of Bob Mertens. As part of the annual Write for Rights campaign, they wrote more than 250 letters in support of people whose human rights have been violated. Many people were writing for the first-time, all in honour of Bob.

Bob Mertens was a beloved father, husband, and community member in Pinehurst, Nova Scotia. He was also beloved by the Amnesty community in Canada and around the world.

As Amnesty’s outgoing Secretary General Alex Neve told LighthouseNow, “[Bob] embodies the very essence of universal human rights; that we all have a shared responsibility to stand up to injustice and work for a better world, and we each have our own gifts to bring to that struggle. Bob makes us all better for being in our lives and he will be sorely missed.”

The letters written in memory of Bob will join with millions of others being written around the world as a testament to our shared responsibility to take action and our collective power to make change.