Lebanon: New cabinet must prioritize human rights

Full statement here and video

With the newly formed Lebanese government setting its agenda focused on the economy and the fight against corruption, the authorities must prioritize human rights and address the issues that are essential to ensuring a more just and equitable future for the people in the country, said Amnesty International.
“For too long, people have suffered the consequences of political deadlock and a lack of accountability, which in turn have contributed to ongoing violations of human rights, including the economic and social rights of the vast majority of the population,” said Lynn Maalouf, Amnesty International’s Middle East Director of Research.
Amnesty International has identified nine core issues which are essential to tackling human rights violations in Lebanon. These include upholding the rights of women, LGBTQI people, refugees and migrant domestic workers, protecting freedom of expression and abolishing the death penalty.
“For the first time in years, Lebanon finally has an elected parliament and a cabinet. It is high time decision-makers engage in meaningful reforms prioritizing the public interest. Authorities have a responsibility to respect, protect and the fulfil the human rights of the people in the country and ensure a more just and equitable future for everyone,” said Lynn Maalouf.
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