United Nations Sends a Global Rebuke to Trump’s Reckless Jerusalem Policy

Following the approval of a United Nations resolution condemning President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Sherine Tadros, head of Amnesty International’s UN Office in New York, made the following statement:
“The global community has sent a strong message that it will not be swayed by bullying threats into supporting President Trump’s reckless disregard for international cooperation.
“This is a much larger question than where the United States chooses to place its embassy. The international community has repeatedly condemned the U.S. recognition of the illegal annexation of Jerusalem. By rejecting this consensus, the United States is completely disregarding the rights of the Palestinian people and damaging efforts to maintain peace in the region.
“The United States should consider why this policy is so widely opposed by the global community. Rather than acting as a partner in the peace process, the U.S. is fanning the flames of tension.”
Last week Amnesty International condemned as ‘reckless and provocative’ the announcement by President Donald Trump, that the U.S. is recognizing unified Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and will move its embassy there. Yesterday, Amnesty International also denounced the Trump Administration’s attempts to threaten countries who vote for the resolution with suspension of aid.
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