HONG KONG: Veteran radio host released from prison

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Veteran internet radio host “Giggs” Edmund Wan, who was sentenced to 32 months imprisonment under “sedition” and “money laundering” charges for criticizing the authorities and fundraising for young people who took part in the Hong Kong 2019 protest movement, was released on November 18, 2022.


On October 7, 2022, Wan was sentenced to 32 months imprisonment for one count of sedition and three counts of money laundering. As agreed in the plea deal, the court ordered the confiscation of HK$4.87 million (about US$620,000) of the proceeds Wan fundraised for the young Hong Kong protesters in Taiwan. Wan had been detained for more than 19 months prior to his sentencing.

Despite being released from prison, Giggs will have to give the fundraising proceeds to the government, including those that have already been used to support the young protesters, to avoid further penalty.

Edmund’s case signals that the authorities appear to be expanding the range of tools they use to target people whose views and actions they object to. In addition to becoming the latest government critic imprisoned on a colonial-era ‘sedition’ charge, Edmund Wan has also been convicted of money laundering despite the prosecution providing scant evidence against him.

Edmund Wan, better known as “Giggs”, is a veteran internet radio host and public affairs commentator. Prior to his arrest, he was the host of four shows on a local independent online radio station in Hong Kong. Wan also commented on current affairs on his social media platforms and paid membership platform. Other than making comments critical of the Hong Kong and Chinese central authorities, he started a fundraiser for sponsoring the education of Hong Kong youths in Taiwan in February 2020. These youths had fled the city for Taiwan as the Hong Kong government arrested tens of thousands of young people who took part in the 2019 protests.

The colonial-era sedition charges in Hong Kong were resuscitated by the government in 2020, prior to that, no one had been prosecuted under these charges since 1967. The authorities have weaponized these charges to prosecute political activists, journalists and authors who exercised their right to freedom of expression.

Edmund Wan was released on November 18. His friends and family picked him up on that day. According to his friends, Edmund is physically and mentally well. He would like to thank everyone for supporting him during his imprisonment.