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LGBTI+ Activism in Argentina: Activist criminalized for graffiti protest

Pierina Nochetti’s criminal trial was initially set for March 6. But just days before, she was informed it was postponed indefinitely. This ongoing uncertainty in legal cases deeply affects women human rights defenders, disrupting their lives and work. Pierina, a champion for LGBTI+ rights in Argentina was charged with “aggravated damage” for her graffiti calling attention to the disappearance of a young trans man in Necochea, Argentina, Pierina’s activism has put her at risk. She could face up to four years in prison. It’s crucial to advocate for dropping these charges against Pierina Nochetti, as they unjustly restrict her freedom of expression and her fight for LGBTI+ rights in Argentina.

Here’s how you can help:

Write to the Head Prosecutor urging him to:

To drop the charges of “aggravated damage” against Pierina Nochetti. These charges seem to excessively limit her freedom of speech and could intimidate others from peacefully expressing their views. By penalizing human rights advocates like Pierina for their expression, there is the risk of suppressing peaceful protest and dialogue.

Write to:

José Luis Cipolletti,

Head prosecutor, UFI n°1, Departamental Necochea

Public Prosecutor’s Office of the

Province of Buenos Aires

Adress: Avenida 75, 371, Necochea, PBA, CP: 7630

Email: ufi1.ne@mpba.gov.ar ; jcipolletti@mpba.gov.ar

Salutation: Dear Head Prosecutor Jose Luis Cipolletti,

And copy:

Her Excellency Maria Josefina MARTINEZ GRAMUGLIA


Embassy of the Argentine Republic

81 Metcalfe Street, 7th Floor

Ottawa, ON K1P 6K7

Tel: (613) 236-2351 Fax: (613) 235-2659

Email: ecana@cancilleria.gov.ar

Pierina Nochetti’s Stand for LGBTI+ Rights & Freedom of Expression

Pierina is not only a vocal LGBTI+ activist but also a caring mother to three children, providing for her family. Her activism isn’t new. Pierina has been a key figure in organizing Necochea’s Pride Parade and has always fought for equal human rights. Her current battle focuses on seeking justice for Tehuel de la Torre, a young trans man missing since March 2021. Tehuel’s disappearance has united his family, LGBTI+ groups, and human rights organizations in a search for answers.

Pierina’s commitment has come at a personal cost. After raising concerns about unfair treatment at work, possibly due to her identity, she faced a salary cut. This was followed by legal action for her public call to action, “Where is Tehuel?” painted on a wall. This move by the authorities goes against international human rights laws, including the right to free speech, which Argentina has agreed to uphold.

Amnesty International members and supporters take part in the Buenos Aires Pride parade, Argentina, November 5, 2022.

The Ongoing Struggle for LGBTI+ Rights in Argentina

Argentina has come a long way in supporting LGBTI+ rights, including equal marriage and gender identity recognition. However, discrimination still affects many in the LGBTI+ community, particularly trans and non-binary individuals. Hate crimes, especially against trans women, are a major concern.

Despite these advances, the journey towards full equality and justice isn’t over. Pierina’s situation shines a light on the challenges that remain. It underscores the importance of continuing to advocate for a society that embraces everyone and values open expression.

Please send your appeals until further notice!