Celebrating 60 years of humanity in action


2021 marks Amnesty International’s 60th anniversary. Amnesty International was founded in 1961 on the idea that together ordinary people can change the world.

Today Amnesty is a worldwide movement for human rights, calling on the collective power of 10 million people, each one committed to fighting for justice, equality and freedom everywhere. 

From London to Santiago, Sydney to Kampala, people have come together to insist that the rights of each and every human are respected and protected

Join the Celebration: How you can be involved

Help us reach 60,000 new supporters in Canada!

We believe that 60 years of human rights achievements is something to celebrate. We also realize that huge human rights challenges still lie ahead. The 60th anniversary has inspired us to challenge ourselves to find 60,000 new supporters here in Canada.

Double your impact by making a donation today

Make a gift today, and a generous donor will match it in order to double your impact.

Amnesty International has received an extraordinary contribution of $1 million from long-time supporters Alice and Grant Burton who have challenged us to match their extraordinary gift through contributions from other donors.

“I value positive change, compassion, impact and relevance. I invite all supporters to look to their values to make sure they are expressed through future generations.”

– Sarah Koch-Schulte

Have a lasting impact: let protecting human rights be your legacy to the worldAs we reflect back on the past six decades, we also look to the next 60 years, and the many unforeseen challenges that humanity may face.Your voice can ensure that 60 years of protecting human rights will prevail wherever and whenever injustice occurs.For more information on leaving a gift in your will, please contact Hala Al-Madi at 613-744-7667 ext 223 or at halmadi@amnesty.ca. You can also visit www.amnesty.ca/legacy.

60 Years:  Amnesty voices

As we look back and forward and pause for a moment to reflect on Amnesty International at 60, I continue to be inspired by the many, many dedicated activists who are prepared to dig in deep and contribute to the often messy process of making and creating change—both in our human rights movement and in our world—sometimes we refer to this as lighting candles of hope.”

—Gord Barnes, Amnesty fieldworker, Regina

“Amnesty’s extensive set of campaigns inspired me to explore human rights advocacy at a broader level. Through an emphasis on youth leadership, Amnesty equips young activists like me with the necessary tools to ignite global social change in numerous areas, varying from sexual and reproductive health rights to abolishing the death penalty.”

—Rachel Lim, Amnesty National Organizer

“What inspires me about Amnesty is the compassion with which the organization supports human rights in every situation, from the small-scale cases of individuals at risk to the large-scale movement for universal human rights.”

—Anneka Spice, Amnesty National Organizer, Kamloops