Stolen Sisters – Solutions


Amnesty International’s 2004 Stolen Sisters report was one of the first reports to systematically document the pattern of violence experienced by Indigenous women and girls in Canada. Due to continued government inaction to end the violence, the findings and recommendations in the 2004 report, and its 2009 update, are as relevant today as they were at the time of publishing.

Blogs, Public Statements and Press Releases

Amnesty International’s public commentary on the issue of violence against Indigenous women and girls can be found throughout our website. Look in the “solutions” section of our campaign webpage for links to blogs, public statements, and press releases from the past several years.

Conversations with Grassroots Activists

Amnesty International proudly stands in solidarity alongside grassroots activists from across Canada who continue to work tirelessly to end violence against Indigenous women and girls. Here are some of our conversations with them.


A number of documentaries have been produced which draw attention to the issue of violence against Indigenous women and girls. Amnesty International has copies of the documentary Highway of Tears available for activists to borrow, and an accompanying discussion guideContact us for more information.

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