Get funding for your activism projects!

From organizing a Regional Meeting to tabling at your local community fair, Amnesty International can help you with expenses related to your activism work. 

There are three sources of funding available to support your activism projects. If you are unsure where to apply or have any questions, please write to

Tabling and Small Events

Amnesty International activists often need funding for one-time, relatively small costs.

This funding is intended for amounts up to $500 to cover smaller costs such as event registration, tabling fees, printing costs, and venue rentals for tabling, workshops, or other small events. 

To apply, please write to

Regional Meetings

Regional Meetings are held in provinces across the country as an opportunity for Amnesty International members and supporters to connect and deepen their engagement.

Funding is available to support your Regional Meeting, particularly in years where there is no large AGM,

To apply, please write to  

Activism Fund

Amnesty International (Canada) has established a fund to support new, innovative, creative initiatives and to support the building of strong and vibrant activism in key areas:

We are open to considering a range of ideas, with emphasis on piloting new approaches. Examples of activities the fund could support include:

Who can apply?

Anyone within the Branch – individuals, community groups, or networks.

How are applications made?

To apply for funds a fully completed application form must be emailed to Shauna MacLean ( Be sure to include the budget. Responses to requests will be provided within 3 weeks of the application deadlines.
Applications will be reviewed as they come. You are advised to check before developing applications late in the year to ensure that monies remain to support activities.

How are applications assessed?

Proposals will be assessed by a 3-person committee comprised of two Members of the Branch and one Staff member from the national office.  The Committee can also provide assistance to groups and individuals applying in a number of ways:  helping members form ideas more fully, working to develop a realistic budget, combining ideas where appropriate and ensuring ideas are shared across the Branch.

More information

If you would like to discuss your ideas, please contact