Rocky Myers, a Black man with an intellectual disability, has spent three decades on death row in Alabama for murder. Assigned ineffective legal representation, Rocky was convicted following testimonies blighted by inconsistencies and alleged police pressure. Sentenced to death by a judge who imposed a death sentence against the jury’s wishes, Rocky was abandoned by his post-conviction lawyer, meaning he missed key dates for his appeal. Now he needs your help.



Join Write for Rights, the largest human rights campaign in the world, and send a letter to the governor of Alabama and demand they use their authority to grant clemency to Rocky Myers and commute his death sentence.

Rocky Myers is described by those who know him as gentle and kind. He loves his siblings, children, and grandchildren, and they adore him. He played drums in his church choir. At age 11, Rocky was diagnosed with an intellectual disability. He finds reading hard and can’t keep dates or times straight in his head.

One night in 1991, in the town of Decatur, Alabama, his life changed forever.

An elderly white woman was murdered in a predominantly Black neighbourhood. Rocky, who is Black, lived across the street. Despite no evidence linking him to the scene of the murder, except for a video cassette recorder belonging to the victim which Rocky maintains he found abandoned in the street, Rocky was convicted of the crime.

He [Rocky] was there, he took us to school, he walked us to the bus stop, he waited on us when we got off the bus, he was the best father he could be

Robin LeAndrew Hood, Rocky Myer’s son

Testimonies were tainted by inconsistencies and allegations of police pressure – one key witness later stated that he had lied. An overwhelmingly white jury found him guilty but recommended a sentence of life imprisonment. The judge instead sentenced Rocky to death. Overruling a jury in this way is now illegal in Alabama.

The US Supreme Court ruled that defendants with intellectual disabilities “face a special risk of wrongful execution”. This is certainly true for Rocky. Burdened with ineffective legal representation and abandoned by his post-conviction lawyer, Rocky missed deadlines for appeal. His execution could be scheduled at any time, and his only hope is for the governor of Alabama to grant him clemency.


@GovernorKayIvey I urge you to use your power as Governor of Alabama to review #RockyMyers case, grant him clemency, and commute his death sentence. #W4RCanada #W4R23