These resources for activists are yours to use whenever you have an opportunity to participate in a school or community event, including festivals and street fairs, conferences, concerts, film screenings or other opportunities for public outreach. Collecting signatures on petitions is a long-tested way to engage people with our human rights goals and make a difference in the lives of others. If you need funds for table fees and other community outreach costs, apply as far ahead as possible.

Resources for activists

Download these resources to assist you with community outreach.

Guide to Tabling

Use our practical guide to tabling any time you have an opportunity to host an information or action table. Let us know how it goes!

Meeting your MP

Use this step-by-step guide to help prepare to meet with your Member of Parliament or any other key decision-maker!

Sign-up Sheet

Use this handy form to collect contact information from people who drop by your table or event. Follow-up and invite them to your next meeting or event!

Funding for Tabling

Grants are available to help cover the cost of tabling at school and community events. Please give us as much time as possible to review your application!

Petitions for community outreach

When you table at a school or community event, a key activity is to collect signatures for high-priority actions. Each petition comes with instructions on where to send signatures and a contact e-mail address if you have questions. Please forward completed petitions to the designated office after each event — with your help we can keep up the pressure on governments to do the right thing!

Protect water defenders
Drop the charges and release Chow Hang-Tung
Protect Wet’suwet’en land and water defenders
Protect water defenders
Stop violent repression
Torture-free trade treaty
Protect the protest
Stop revenge executions
Free Zeynab Jalaian
Roll back of rights
Stop funding fossil fuels
Bring Huseyin Celil home

Human Rights Education

Free resources to help you understand world events, current campaigns, and strategic action.


Human Rights and Armed Conflict
Part 1


Human Rights and Armed Conflict
Part 2